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    The teenage years of GUYVE were spent in a tin shed in northeastern Montana. The music on this CD was created in that shed and eventually recorded to 8track in an abandoned gymnasium in an old, farming ghost-town called Moccasin, MT. The music speaks for itself.

    Originally released in 1997 in an edition of 500 we have recently discovered a couple 30 count boxes of this release still in their shrinkwrap. Get em before they are gone forever..

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While cleaning out a bunch of old storage boxes we were surprised to find two 30 count, un-opened boxes of our first cd release; Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors(1996). There is some confusion surrounding the 'true' story behind this album, so we felt this being the 10th anniversary(this week) of the recording of our first 2 piece, instrumental CD, it would be high time to give the full account. Summer 1995. 16 years old. GUYVE was already 'known' in our small town of 3000. Jonah was approached by the high school geography teacher and was handed an address of a recording studio. The alleged studio was housed in an old gymnasium in the middle of some old farming community gone bust many a year ago. Our teacher stumbled across this place while doing personal research into Montanas past, and one of the few inhabitants of the town was an audio engineer who had a recording studio. This info trickled from our teacher to us, and over the course of a season or two we solidified a recording date. On August 19th, 1996 we were set to record our first professional album. pretty exciting times being that we were entering our senior year of high school and were recording rock and roll. The 5 hour drive from Wolf Point took us southwest into the guts of Montana to a place called Moccasin. If you happen across a large fold out Montana map youll find moccasin right in the middle where the crease of the page is partially covering it up. We almost didnt see it when we drove by it. Old grain elevators and a green road sign bearing the towns name let us know we were there. We were told to look for the tallest building in town(not too hard) and sure enough when we completed the maze of gravel and bumps we arrived at an old gym. Not a sound........anywhere except grasshoppers and wind. "Hello?" nothing. the door was locked, we walk around the outside of the place which was being overtaken by 7-8 foot tall weeds, grains and flowers. Many of the windows are broken out. There is no sign of life, anywhere. What did our teacher get us into? After sitting on the front steps for awhile a figure appeared down the dirt road. A man approached us, dressed from head to toe in white clothing, like a painters suit. His name was David Arnott. This was our man. We were lead into the rustic school building and given a short tour. Rolling tobacco left over from thousands of rolled cigarettes littered every flat surface. Graffiti and psychedelic murals engulfing the entryway. It was a typical old square gym. Noticeably smaller than a standard basketball court with a stage on one end and a ceiling that was maybe 2-3 stories high. Downstairs, there were old locker rooms which had been converted to living spaces. Mens lockers were now shelves of thousands of records, recording equipment, tape reels, mixing boards, consoles, it was all here. This room appeared to be the golden core of this otherwise dilapidated, Alfred Hitchcock-like environment. The mens shower area was modified with a bunk and included minimal kitchen facilities. There was no running water. Water needed to be pumped into a bucket which was used to rinse-flush the toilets once a day (but he preferred we just go outside). Eventually, we unloaded all of our equipment and set up on the stage at the far end of the gym to capture more echo. Louder,..... bigger sound... we were thinking. As the mics were being placed, we had more time to explore this time capsule of a building. Class of 53'. Marvin was here, or so it says. The most archaic and simple examples of the tag. Billy 'hearts' Gretchen. There were storage closets that were still completely stocked with vintage school stuff from the 40s and 50s. Cheerleading outfits, play equipment, crazy old shit. It was like everybody had just up and left, or been whisked away by the rapture. Which makes me think, maybe the rapture has already occurred. Anyway, it had been empty for 35 years before being purchased at an auction for 800 bucks. After sound check (something new to us) we recorded Baltash in about 7 hours, tracking 9 songs. I dont recall much about the actual recording of any songs except one particular (or is it peculiar?) visual. Rocking out, I happened to look up at one of the huge busted out windows and I noticed that there was a sheet of plastic that had loosened its self from the window and was being blown outward. I thought that maybe it was our huge sound trying to escape out of the building. Thats about all I remember of recording. Later that night we were invited to celebrate a local villagers birthday with Mr. Arnott at a different house. I think that there were a total of 7 or 8 inhabitants in this town of about a 50-75 run down houses. It was an artist commune called home by a handful of book writers, painters, philosophers and of course, an audio engineer. Odd characters, but good people. We were offered rum cake. After explaining to us how they could hear us rocking all day at the gym they asked if we had listened to much Metallica. That night we stayed in moccasin, expecting at least a floor to sleep on somewhere. Thats exactly what we got. The gym floor. Our engineer explained that he'd be sleeping out in the field if we needed him and left out a side door on the stage, vanishing into the blackness of the wheat fields that surrounded the town. The next morning, early, Cam did a couple bass overdubs and then we received a quick unmixed copy of it all. We owed only 100 bucks. With tape in hand, we cruised 5 hours back to Wolf Point. Within a few months we received the final master mix. There were mixed emotions. The first track, Isle of the Damned, was missing an overdubbed flange effect. We thought it was a pretty cool sounding effect at the time. On the second track, The Valley, Mr. Arnott had added a foreign, completely new piano line that we had no idea existed. The process to get this far had taken so long that we were pretty frustrated with it. Everyone that listened to it, however, seemed to like the piano line, and eventually we even thought it added a certain emotion to the song so we decided to let it stay. Due to some unbridled teenage motivation we decided to go the full distance with this recording and get a cd package for it. After a small co-signed loan and a few summer jobs, we managed to print 570 copies of Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors in black and white with one color on the actual cd. I remember receiving the 5 decent sized boxes of CDs. Fuck yeah. 17 years old and producing and distributing our own cds. CD DETAILS>>>The name of the cd originated from a word salad during an lsd experience. What was trying to be said during the trip was balderdash, panache and flying colors. Just one of those catchy loop type thoughts that starts running through your mind, repeating endlessly because its got nice iambic pentameter. Basic translation,.......balderdash means nonsense, thinking of balderdash as Baltash is nonsense in itself. Panache means with style, or showy. flying colors; well, if lsd is involved it means something but if some sort of challenge is involved it means to do very well. sooooo......fucking off in style and succeeding=Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors. Track 1, Isle of the Damned, was our test of the 3 volume dynamics in the world of music: forte, double forte, and maximum forte. If you ever get to hear it live it will slowly crescendo your whole body into a state of being that demonstrates how one not only hears music, but feels it. The name came from the nickname of Tasmania. Track 2, the Valley, was originally titled the trippy song. This song to us is like rubber soul to the beatles; A stage of development inspired by the first time use of marijuana. One of the first songs written by GUYVE under the influence of herb. This one really opened a whole new world for us. Later named the Valley after a hill we smoked on. Track 3, Non Compos Mentis, is quite possibly the first 2-piece song we ever wrote together. Metal riffs. Not much else to say about this one. The name was taken from a windows 95 word thesaurus search for crazy. Tracks 4-5, Tedium, shows a somewhat poppy side to GUYVE. Enjoy, it may be the last pop you hear from us. We think its the perfect skate video song. On the CD it is listed as I and II. When the CD was in mastering, the track numbers were set to mark every time there was a quiet spot; the between song silence. Track 4, Tedium I, and track 5, Tedium II, are supposed to be one track. We had to change the name on the package when we found out what was wrong. Once again the name was taken from the thesaurus searching bored. Track 6, Dirt Set, originated while we were still a 4 piece with vocals. There may be a demo somewhere with an old vocal track. It was also initially misprinted on the CD as Dirt Sex. This startled our parents a little. Luckily it was only on a few test prints and we had time to change it. But if you ever find a copy that lists track six as 'dirt sex'.........we'd buy it back from you for whatever ya want. We believe the name came from our old singer, Wyatt Fettig. He had constructed a rough tape package for the song and the picture on front resembled a cross that had been shoved into the ground, or dirt set. Track 7, Fetter, is our unofficial, official song. Our band was originally named GYVE but due to poster error we became GUYVE. If you can find GYVE in a dictionary it defines it as bonded in fetters:shackles. The name just sounded good and had a nice backstory. When we first wrote the song it was too hard to play. Somehow we had constructed a monster that we couldnt perform. The cd recording was the first time we played it without messing up, and we had been practicing and playing it for several months. Track 8, Wrath of Braz, once again deals with a word salad emanating from lsd. Briz Braz was an imagined arch enemy of GUYVE that, how can we say this....., didnt like the fact we were smoking weed. Based off of a former Wolf Point drug officer with the same initials, the song tells the story of the hunt, chase, and escape. Great fucking song. Track 9, Meld, is another transition point for GUYVE. Really simple structure: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo. The name comes from what we thought it sounded like when we played it. Sounds we werent normally creating were combining to make new soundscapes. The solo at the end is humbling in some way. The whole album before that solo is blairing loud, and then a certain calm and understanding prevails. We planned on Meld being the last track on the album. Track 10, And Then There Was One, was supposed to be the first track on the album. Once again there are demos from the 4 piece GUYVE that have vocals for this track. We love godheadSilo and this song originally was a bass guitar and drums song in tribute to them. For those not in the know, Cam played a wicked bass guitar from 93-95 before switching to primarily guitar. Bass distortion and crashing cymbals, fuck yeah. Every so often Cam will tune up his bass and GUYVE will rock this one out live. Album Info and Art>>>The pictures on the album are from various places. The front cover design was found in a book titled Astounding Optical Illusions. Cool borrowed library book to trip out on. The design is called 'the chrysanthemum', and it later inspired a GUYVE song of the same name. The back picture is from another lsd experience. It is being taken by someone lying on there back on the ground. Two other people are standing above on top of huge hay bails, holding a hoola hoop. The white dots are the first snowfall of the year in an otherwise pitch black, midnight sky. When the camera flash went off every snowflake in the sky reflected a flash as powerful as a glare in a mirror. The inside picture of the creepy statue head was taken at the Wolf Point cemetery at dusk during the fall. no disrespect, but we are not really sure whose grave it is. It is just a piece of our hometown that people who live there would know about. The color of the cd was a totally random decision. Why was almost blue, but in a last minute change of mind purple was chosen instead. Thats all I remember. Dont bother writing to the address on the inside notes. But if yer ever in Wolf Point go check out the location, and while there go across the street to Tasty Freeze for a Big T Burger. So thats our 10th anniversary special. As a sentimental 10th year celebration we are making available the original Baltash recording. This isnt the cd version that you already/should have. This is the unmixed master we received the day we left the studio. All the flange effects are there, none of the piano parts are there, and all of the raw noise and energy are there. No compression, No EQing. We like to call it Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors...........Naked. The way it really sounded. It is now available. Feel free to contact us. Thanks for your time and continued support. Keep in touch and on the lookout for new GUYVE music this winter. CAM JONAH GUYVE GUYVE's original CD Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors now available at and iTunes music store. .

cam reinlasoder-bass, guitar_jonah fast-percussion_david arnott-piano,engineering .

lack of monthly rent, lack of having to buy own food, 100's of hours of freetime, vast expanses of northeastern montana, ending of a millenia, bike rides on dark highways in the middle of the night, psychedelic wanderings through hay bail fields. .

Sounds Like
our first professionally recorded session. we paid 100 bucks for quality of this nature. recorded to analog 16 track, this is still the best recording we have. OVERALL SOUND QUALITY= A


released January 1, 1997

Recorded 8-19-1996 in Moccasin, MT. Recorded and produced by David Arnott. CD-R'd at Tapas Records in Missoula, MT. Marketing and Distribution by Toilet Bug Productions. All music by GUYVE copyright 1996, All rights reserved. Piano on the Valley by David Arnott.



all rights reserved


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Live GUYVE will render you susceptible to insight....instru-experimetal drums/guitar trio stationed in Oregon, USA. Est. 1993 Wolf Point, MT

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